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"My son has been taking piano lessons with Rebecca since he was 4 (he is now 7). Over the years he has learned a tremendous amount. She is very qualified and also very kind with her students. She has been able to challenge and guide my son without undue pressure. Even when he doesn’t want to practice piano at home he is always happy to go to his lessons because his teacher is so wonderful."   


"I am from South Korea, and I came to this school to take harp lessons just for one month. Rebecca and Caitlin were both so supportive and helpful. They gave me a lot more hope than I ever expected and I had a wonderful experience here. I think the best thing in learning is to never give up and these two teachers played a great role in keeping it that way! Thanks a bunches and I hope to see you again!!" 


"I am a retired person who wanted to relearn to play the piano. I found the perfect teacher in Rebecca Lo. She is a wonderful teacher and a lovely person. And, I am having a great time!!"  


"Rebecca has been training my two kids for a year now, and both of them couldn't be more than happy having her as their teacher. I recall the day of their first lesson, and how both of them came home very excited about learning the piano. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a music teacher for their children.
Her fee is more than fair, and her flexibility and patience is more than adequate."   Dustin

"Been playing piano for 10 years but have never had a teacher as passionate, understanding, and talented as Ms. Lo. She is a teacher who tries to really bond with her students to enhance their experience and love for the instrument, and I really admire that. I'm always excited to go to practice, and have noticed significant improvements in my performance since I started lessons with Ms. Lo. To anyone who wants a friendly, flexible, and patient teacher, look no further than Ms. Lo!"  Yasmeen

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