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Trumpet Player

Brass instrument lessons

Brass instruments, such as the trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba, and baritone/euphonium, are characterized by their bright, bold sound produced through buzzing into a mouthpiece and amplifying vibrations through a coiled tube. Taking lessons for brass instruments is invaluable as it provides essential guidance on technique, breath control, and embouchure formation, ensuring efficient and injury-free playing. Our teachers also focus on developing tone production, musicality, interpretation, and performance skills, offering a diverse repertoire spanning various musical styles and fostering confidence, stage presence, and ensemble abilities in school bands. Ultimately, brass lessons cultivate a deep appreciation for music, instilling discipline, creativity, and a lifelong passion for playing these powerful instruments.

Why take lessons from us?


We are a group of the most highly trained and qualified faculty in Houston, with Suzuki certified educators hailing from nationally ranked music conservatories. Students learn music in a friendly, and supportive, yet motivating environment. Whether your goals are modest or highly ambitious, we believe that music should be taught with balance, and promise to provide students with the highest level of professionalism and fulfillment.


Our small and intimate facility will create a supportive environment for our students. At Overture School of Music, our students are able to develop close relationships with our faculty and director. We don’t believe in the cookie-cutter curriculum. Each student’s music education is personalized with full attention to their learning styles and personality. Additionally, the director keeps close track of each student’s progress and make adjustments to help students reach their goals.


We provide our students with performance opportunities to help develop confidence and poise as well as provide the community with beautiful art. Students will be routinely invited to perform in venues ranging from retirement homes to recital halls. Students are also encouraged to participate in a formal recital once a semester.


The director has relationships with professors at many universities in and outside of the US. Advanced students have opportunities to take lessons from renowned professors from all over the world. Students who want to further pursue their passion for music can be guided to participate in the Houston Youth Symphony, competitions, state exams, and summer music camps. Most of our faculty received full merit scholarships to attend universities and can help advise and mentor students to become stronger, competitive applicants for college and scholarships.


We offer chamber music ensemble classes (duet, trio, and quartet) so our students have opportunities to learn how to play with other instruments and people. These classes train student's listening skills, collaboration skills, the ability to sight read and think outside of the box, and the mutual respect when working with other students.


Suzuki group classes are excellent opportunities to motivate and encourage self-confidence. Students review skills and apply new techniques to previously learned pieces during these classes. These group lessons train students’ ensemble skills, while also allowing them to gain experience on stage. Taking Suzuki group lessons regularly has proven to be an immense asset in the student’s ear training, social development, passion for learning, and overall musical progression.


We take pride in our teaching – we want your child to get the most out of their time and have a sense of accomplishment while having fun learning new skills. We apply a simple pre-imposed evaluation each semester to show parents and students what areas they have improved and mastered.


Your child deserves the best. With that in mind, we value quality. Our lessons are taught with high-end Yamaha pianos and teachers can advise students on how to choose quality instruments.

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