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Recital programs

Recital 4: Sunday June 13th at 3:00pm

Featuring Ms. Rebecca, Ms. Anna-Maria, Ms. Andrea,

Ms. Patricia, and Ms. Rhiannon's students

Olivia De La Garza-My daydream, March of the English guard

Safiya Alarakhia- A day at the carnival, Pagoda in the purple mist.

Hector Maggi-Let's play ball

Dhurva Gopal- Gavotte, Chorus from “Judas Maccabaeus”

Ruby Patmak-Come see the parade, Twinkle Twinkle little star, Dancing with Frankenstein

Matthew Do-Alouette

Qasym Dar-Minuet by B.S Bach, Pink Panther theme

Louis Snyders-Men from Mars

Sophia Do-Submarine Dive

Alessandra Maggi-Alouette

Talia De La Garza- Jack and the beanstalk, Pop! Goes the weasel.

Tiffany Do-Vivaldi’s Spring, The Sword Dance

Alexa Fernandez-Ode to Joy, Allegro, The bunny and the fox by Alexa

Riyasma Thapa-The dance Band, Ode to joy, Frogs on Logs

Maya Aiden-Happy Farmer, Gavotte 

Anna Malamataris-Aristocats, Go down Moses, I got music

Hunter Chitty- Dawn, Georgiana from Pride and Prejudice

Kayla Marais-The San Francisco Trolley, Ocean ocean

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