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Meet Our Instructors

Here to Guide, Inspire and Support

Who a teacher is, is more important than what he or she teaches. Our teachers create opportunities for exploration and learning by establishing engaging environments where students feel safe and confident. We have exceptional instructors who are caring, enthusiastic, and dedicated to helping students exceed their every expectation. The Overture School of Music selects professional musicians with a love for teaching. Read some of their stories below. More qualified staff will be joining us soon!

Ms. Rebecca Lo

Founder and Director.


When Ms. Rebecca Lo, Founder and Director of Overture School of Music, and an official Steinway Educational Partner, started teaching her sister and her neighbors at the age of 13, she never imagined that one day she’d be overseeing the musical upbringing of hundreds of students of all ages in what has become one of Houston’s best known music studios.Having started Overture School of Music in her own apartment over 4 years ago, Ms. Rebecca is an energetic, passionate, and motivational educator who has grown alongside her students in her 18 years of teaching experience. Known by parents to be diligent, attentive, and communicative, she believes that the personal connection between teachers, students, parents, and herself is what makes Overture stand out in comparison to other music academies in the area. Having been the first person in her district to ever receive record-breaking perfect scores on piano, viola, and violin in All-State level exams during her high school years in New York, Ms. Rebecca understands the challenges that students face during their training, and she specializes in preparing them to succeed using personally tailored motivational techniques. Additionally, she firmly believes that through their musical education, students acquire vital life skills such as patience, discipline, and perseverance, all which contribute to their formation as well-rounded individuals.As a recipient of Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees at Rice University on full scholarships, Ms. Rebecca not only recognized the importance of receiving mentorship from passionate, talented musicians, but also found her passion in teaching and has worked tirelessly to make Overture School of Music an extension of that experience; it is her priority that the Faculty at Overture is comprised by some of the most gifted and brilliant up-and-coming professional musicians in Houston, ensuring that the students at the studio receive guidance from only the best Houston has to offer.Remembering her days where she was honored to perform in world famous concert halls such as Carnegie Hall (on nine occasions), National Taiwan Concert Hall and Kodak Hall at Eastman Theater, amongst others, Ms. Rebecca wishes for students at Overture to get the experience of being on stage and share their newfound musical abilities. In the near future, Ms. Rebecca hopes to allow even more children to gain access to music education through community outreach, sponsorship and scholarship programs. 

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